Edgy Fit Co.

is a Gym/Studio Wellness Centre in the heart of a small prairie town on the Saskatchewan border.

The facility is located in the hub of our community in the upper level of our recreation centre. Whether you are just in town visiting for a hockey game or temporary work the facility welcomes drop in members.

The Gym is a complete facility of over 3000 square feet of equipment that will surprise you coming to a small community. We offer a variety of classes that range from young teens to strength for those looking for longevity both in our studio and gym.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

For everyday Movement pre-hab as well as sports-specific movement goals for any athlete.

Personal Training + Coaching

Supporting athletes or any individual in lifestyle and wellness to increase their goals.

Athletic Performance Conditioning

Developed for young athletes in order to increase their performance in sport.


Fitness Classes

We help our clients find their fitness in a fun, welcoming environment.

The atmosphere is positive & friendly.

The layout of the gym and studio is awesome. There is lots of cardio equipment, free weights and a variety of machines. My strength, stamina and mobility have improved immensely. All of the staff are knowledgable, helpful and so positive!

EdgyFit also offers group classes almost every day of the week and there is something for everyone. EdgyFit is such an incredible facility! If you haven’t been there I strongly you suggest you see for yourself all that they have to offer.

Rae Anne Will

This gym has become my second home.

Super awesome place with an amazing helpful team of women who inspire and motivate you! The gym has lots of options to keep your workout changing and the group classes are always fresh and a nice change to try!

This gym has become my second home and I have met such great people here!

Stacey Fleming

Health +

Wellness HuB

Download the 4-week Beginner Aerobic Capacity + Strength Program.

A program to give you the confidence to walk into the gym with a plan to increase your strength and aerobic capacity.


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